What sharia is


By Shahina Siddiqui

Re: “Say no to sharia,” Letter, May 6.

Kirsten Bagh’s indictment of sharia (which are general principles of justice, equity, fairness, preservation of human dignity, intellect and human rights that should define and direct a Muslim’s life) is based on misinformation and ignorance of the Muslim way of life.

It is important that when we want to build bridges between communities, we rely on truth and not on assumptions, biases and propaganda.

In many societies, including our own, attitudes prevail where some will continue to blame the rape victim. There is also a common response of the victim of rape to question if they brought it on themselves.

Both of these responses are harmful and detrimental to the victim and society at large.

Islam preserves the dignity of women justly and compassionately. If some Muslims don’t, then they will be judged and punished, if not in this life, then the next. As for Islamic law coming to Canada, this will not happen unless a majority of Canadians vote for it.

Shahina Siddiqui, Winnipeg

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