What is Shariah, and is it really a threat to America?

Muslim Secrets: Do Muslims want Sharia law in America?


By Aftab Borka

Every community has some secrets. The Muslims have them too. And these secrets are not like passwords or personal information that can compromise privacy or personal ...  Read more


what is Shariah for, and what does it aim to do?

(Abridged from The Great Theft: Wrestling Islam from the Extremists)

The law plays a central role in Islam and yet, the law is also the least understood aspect of the Islamic faith by Muslims ...  Read more

Setting the Record Straight on Shariah

An Interview with Intisar Rab


By Sally Steenland

Intisar Rabb is a member of the law faculty at Boston College Law School where she teaches advanced constitutional law, criminal ...  Read more

Shariah: What It Is and What It Isn’t

An Interview with Asifa Quraishi and Rev. Dr. Welton Gaddy

By Sally Steenland

Sally Steenland:I am Sally Steenland and I direct the Faith and Progressive ...  Read more


What Everyone Should Know About Shariah

The newest buzzword these days is ‘Shariah.’ As several states scramble to pass legislation to outlaw Shariah, a hyped fear and persistent confusion surrounds this loaded term. Most people who speak ...  Read more

Understanding Shariah and Defending Our Religious Freedom

“Sharia is a threat to America,” “mosques are Trojan horses,” “radical Islam has infiltrated mainstream Muslim organizations,” “there is no such thing as moderate Islam — traditional ...  Read more