Shariah in the Current Relativistic Age

Shariah in the Current Relativistic Age

Ilyas Mohammed

We are necessarily different from each other, occupying discrete points in various domains, be they physical, emotional, or influential. It makes sense that our value system be elastic enough to account for the differences this reality entails. We are also necessarily similar to each other, sharing common spaces, be they spiritual, moral, or metaphysical. It also makes sense ...  Read more

Islamophobia stems from misunderstanding


By Aziz Junejo

On a recent drive to a mall, I was abruptly reminded that Islamophobia still exists.

Eleven years after 9/11, there are still folks who are either unfamiliar with Islam or who believe the many misrepresentations about it, yet I remain optimistic ...  Read more

Cairo and Benghazi Attacks: Addressing the Deeper Problem


By Omar Baddar

The attacks on the U.S. embassies in Cairo and Benghazi that took place last night were deplorable, and the murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his staff in Benghazi was particularly outrageous. Yes, the anti-Muslim movie of the allegedly Israeli-American filmmaker in California that sparked the riots was repulsive and offensive; but no insult, no matter how grave, justifies even the murder of the offender, let alone the murder of innocent ...  Read more

Opinion: American Muslims live in fear 11 years after 9/11


By Sumbul Ali-Karamali, Special to CNN

(CNN) – My father always told me never to talk about religion, politics, or other people’s children. He was part of a generation of American Muslims who wanted to stay quiet and assimilate into American life and not rock the boat. Growing up in Southern California, I tried to follow his advice.

But after 9/11, I found that I, along with other American Muslims,  have had little choice ...  Read more